FxBrainBot EA
Algorithmic Expert Advisor (MT4/MT5)

Forex BrainBot EURUSD Backtest

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Principle of operation

The FxBrainBot EA is a math based Expert Advisor. He uses the Period and the Power combined with the weight of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta to enter a trade. Due to his ability of adapting to nearly any market conditions, this Expert Advisor can be optimized for almost any currency pair and timeframe. To reduce your risk you can use a Money Management system and a simple Trailing Stop.

If you have never used Metatrader 5 befor, this Expert Advisor is the best opportunity to start to use it and take advantage of his great strategy tester.

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FxBrainbot parameters

Parameters for the FxBrainBot

Period = This is the number of periods the FxBrainbot uses for his calculations.
Power = This indicates the Expert Adisor with how much accuracy the calculations are done.
Alpha = The weight of the Alpha calculation.
Beta = The weight of the Beta calculation.
Gamma = The weight of the Gamma calculation.
Delta = The weight of the Delta calculation.

All others Parameters are described in the functions page.

Differences of MT4 and MT5 version

In the Metatrader 4 version you have additionally the possibility to use a MagicNumber. This will allow you to use the EA several times on the same currency pair with different setting. But the key advantage in the MT5 version is the possibility to use the Strategy Tester in Metatrader 5 with his amazing rapidity (MQL5 Cloud), high modelin quality and the possibility to make a simulated forwardtesting.

Recommended settings for Optimized Backtest

Backtesting period = 1-5 years
Chart Timeframes = M30 - H2
StopLoss = 40 2 60
TakeProfit = 40 5 180
ReverseEntrySignal = false / true
Period = 2 2 30
Power = 1 1 10
Alpha = 1 5 200
Beta = 1 5 200
Gamma = 1 5 200
Delta = 1 5 200
TrailingStop = 25 5 60
WhenToTrail = 0 5 40
The other setting stay as default

Test results

These are some results of the Strategy Tester in MT5. These test are done on H1 with 5 years history and of these 20 month of simulatet forward testing on every tick and fixet 0.1 LotSize.

These test were made in the time period from 2009.04.26 to 2014.04.26. You may have to reoptimize FxBrainBot EA after a while or to adapt it to your Broker. Of course you can use it on every other currency pair you want and make tests with other timeframes and for a longer or shorter period of time.